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Dice Missions

Put a little random adventure in your day.

1/19/08 07:41 pm - catintheattic - Fairly Random Options

1. Make vegetarian Jell-O.
2. Start planning a party that will have vegetarian Jell-O shots.
3. Quote Anna Faris's character from "Just Friends," Samantha James, at least once in every conversation for one day.
4. Have both pairs of glasses on my person during class in order to switch between frames when the professor has his/her back turned.
5. Randomly give compliments to people for an entire day.
6. FINALLY watch the copy of "The Lord of the Rings" that I got for Christmas '01.

The dice (well, quarters) say: 5!

I think I'll do it on Monday, just because I'll see people other than my flatmates on Monday. I'll also try to keep a log of the most creative compliments and the funniest reactions.

And I'll probably keep adding in 3 until I get it.

9/6/06 09:48 am - zenokarasu - Another one?

So, I think it's time for another group dice mission! Any ideas about what we should do? We could recycle some of the options that didn't make it last time! All the people who didn't make it in for the last one are welcome to try again this time around.

So, what do you think?

Poll #815179 Group Mission 2

If we had another group dice mission, by percentage, how likely would you be to participate?

Mean: 84.00 Median: 90 Std. Dev 13.56

Do you have a suggestion for what one of the options should be?

Of these options, which ones did you particularly like?

1.) Make a country music video.
2.) Film your town's most important landmark. You know, something your town is very proud of and wants to show off.
3.) Find as many things as you can that remind you of faces, but are not actually faces.
4.) Film true love. Capture love, and put it on film.
5.) Record yourself being attacked by a sock. Or many socks.
6.) Become a Lorax for a day. Speak for the trees and to the trees. For the trees have no voices! And maybe find some Bar-ba-loots, in their Bar-ba-loot suits.

Which, if any, did you particularly dislike?

1.) "
2.) "
3.) "
4.) "
5.) "
6.) "

Now, if you can remember, what was your favorite dice mission or option of all time?

8/29/06 08:59 am - downwardlashes

Caspian and I are going to do a mission today.

1) Pester my neighbor til she answers her door, and ask her outright if she wants to be my friend.
2) Go to the playground and talk to another mom.
3) Make flyers about hiring a "Momm'y Helper" (a little kid to play with Caspian while I get some cleaning done) and post them around the neighborhood.
4) Start a meetup for mommies on Meetup.com.
5) Call Ally and ask her what we could do to get together with our babies sometime.
6) Do everything I have to, to finally track down a playgroup. (You have no idea how hard this actually is!)

I'm determined. Today's the day I make a friend, damnit!
Now to roll.

Oh god, not that one. Guh.
Geez. I wonder if it will even work. Here goes!

A couple minutes later-
Okay. What. It costs money to start a meetup!! Hey now! What do I do?

A few minutes after that-
Alright. I wouldn't do this normally, but I don't want to fail my first dice mission.

<input ... >
<input ... >

<input ... >

I need $19 to start a meetup. :/

8/27/06 10:29 am - downwardlashes

I finally did mine!

8/26/06 11:20 pm - zenokarasu - Finally! ...geez

I don't know why nobody scolded me for this, but I finally got around to editing and uploading my Group Dice Mission that was supposed to be uploaded last Wednesday!

I guess my life has been busier than I've given it credit for, either that or I'm a notorious procrastinator. Probably both. Anyway, I'll finish up the other two Dice Missions that I have due and then I'll probably start taking on these missions about once or twice a week if that's okay with y'all. Or maybe just whenever I feel like it. So there. Pshaw.

Anyway, I thought this was rather fun (if belated). Does anyone want to go for another group mission?

Oh yeah, my excuses. Um, this week I had a wedding to go to, a first week back at school, and a big 4-year anniversary of the day I first met my wife, first kissed my wife, first had sex with my wife, the day she moved in with me, etc. Oh yeah, and a nearly-6-month old son to attend to. :p~ So there. Much apologies to everyone!

8/16/06 05:26 pm - zenokarasu - And the group mission is...

I decided to roll the die on camera and let you know what the result was that way. I figured it would be a good way to build suspense.

8/6/06 01:53 pm - zenokarasu - The die has spoken.

Oh. Oh dear. I rolled a 2.

By the way, I'm currently uploading the second part of Mission #10. Watch here for a video link, or check my YouTube page. That is, if you're interested.

8/6/06 01:23 pm - zenokarasu - Mission #11

Potential Dice Missions for the next couple days:

1) Produce a faux kids' show called "Pretentious Pink Ponies."
2) Informercial for Hell.
3) A burial at sea for my dead houseplants.
4) Plato shows you how to make his extra special hot chocolate (which is different every time).
5) An interview with the cats.
6) Take the camera to a nearby haunted house very late at night.

Number 6 would be more interesting if I had a camera that could film better in the dark and a larger memory stick. My current memory stick is only 64 MB and I'm looking to get one that's at least 1 Gig.

This is the kind I need, in case anyone is feeling philanthropic.

8/6/06 12:46 am - zenokarasu - Dice Mission #10

Dice mission #10 is done. I'm actually a little disappointed with this one. It dragged on longer than I had hoped it would and now the final video has to be uploaded in two parts (because YouTube currently limits me to 10 minutes). The full video takes place in 4 Acts because the camera memory space kept running out. I need to get a bigger memory card soon.

You can go watch it if you're not afraid of boredom. It's actually kind of entertaining to see how Caspian gets more and more annoyed with me as I keep incessantly reading the fortunes.

Anyway, it should show up on this page when I finally get it uploaded. If you don't enjoy the first half, you needn't watch the second half. It's really more of the same, except that "half" is misleading. The second "half" will be considerably shorter. Let's all be thankful for that!

Edit: Here is is!

8/4/06 06:45 am - zenokarasu - Ten

All right! I rolled a ONE, so that means I get to dig out all my old fortunes. In bed!

8/4/06 02:04 am - zenokarasu - Mission #9

These just get weirder and weirder. Dice Mission #9 has been uploaded.

This one is unusual for me because it has no narration. I didn't feel that it needed any. It's like a modern day, really twisted silent film. Check it out if you wanna. The mission was:

"Harvest blackbarries and use their vital fluids to paint your face."

Tomorrows potential missions:

1) Read my collection of fortune cookies...in bed.
2) Make an infomercial for Hell.
3) Make a convincing argument about something that's already been proven false.
4) Make a video making fun of my own videos.
5) Do a Vblog of myself reading the dictionary.
6) Pretend that I have a doppelganger and introduce him to the world.

8/2/06 10:29 pm - zenokarasu - Mission #9

Mission #9 is complete. I did tape it and it is super dorky. I'll edit the video and upload it tomorrow...and then I should do another mission on Friday if not sooner. Any ideas about what craziness I should get up to this time?

I believe Friday is Arts Alive, so we should be out and about (looking at artwork by local artists in various establishments, of course).

8/2/06 09:47 pm - harowiin - Dice Mission (the first)

Guest starring Tori and Molly, by popular demand.

Might take some minutes to air from youtube.
And I failed trying to do narration WITH bg music. Unless the trick is to speak with my mic up to my speakers while the music is playing? It had fun monty python holy grail music through it at first. Oh well, I snuck it in at end credits at least.

8/2/06 06:32 am - zenokarasu - Dice Mission #9

I asked Krissy to pick some options for me, but I guess she didn't, so here goes:

Today's options:

1) Do a video blog of yourself reading the dictionary to show those bastards what boring really is!
2) Create photo evidence suggesting that you went on an adventure that didn't really happen.
3) Design a chupacabra trap.
4) Build a fort out of pillows, blankets, and furniture. Defend your fort against everyone using a fleet of paper airplanes.
5) Make up a song and sing it on video.
6) Harvest blackberries and use their vital juices to paint your face.

Let's see, I'm not sure which I dread most. I'm just not sure how to go about #3.

So here goes the roll.

And it's a...Collapse )

8/2/06 02:26 am - harowiin - Dice mission? Dice mission!

Since I have nothing better to do tomorrow- and it's my day off-and doing at least one dice mission seemed exciting.

Dice mission! (of the first)

1. Record my trip to WSCC taking Molly (our dog) along for the ride
2. Stage a small skit using my action figures.
3. Go through my bookshelf and show off my books.
4. Attempt to sing a japanese rap song "Shounen Heart"
5. Record WoE and how well my alliance/guild does from the online game I play, Ragnarok Online.
6. Do the laundry (hopefully I'll be more successful than Plato)

Ahhh! Let's hope I don't roll a 4! /despair

I couldn't locate a di anywhere, then I remembered that in RO there is a /dice emote. Score! So here is my high battle priestess, the lovely Maluna, modeling the outcome for my first mission.

A 6! I guess it was ment to be. Will be done and up as early as tonight maybe! Hooray!

8/1/06 10:19 am - zenokarasu

Right now I'm conceptualizing a cartoon mascot for dicemissions. Please let me know what you think of the following:

Poll #783202 Dice Faces

Which side of a six-sided die would look cutest/coolest as a face?

Other (please explain)

Also, I'm considering changing my Dice Mission schedule to every other day because I spend so much time editing and playing with the final video that lately I haven't been getting to bed until about two of the clock in the morning. This wouldn't be a problem, except that lately I don't have the luxery of sleeping in.

8/1/06 12:38 am - zenokarasu - Dice Mission #8

Dice Mission #8 is currently in the process of uploading to YouTube! I actually failed this mission, but it's still worth watching, I think. This one's a bit spooky and, uh, revealing. (#o_o#) Don't worry, though. I'm sure it's kiddy safe.

Link coming soon (or imbedded video if I figure that out).

Edit: It's uploaded! Should be live soon.

If it says "no longer available," what it means is "not available yet"!

7/31/06 06:25 am - zenokarasu - Mission #8

Today's options were to film one of the following:

1) clean the kitchen
2) take out the recyclibles
3) clean the living room
4) clean the bedroom
5) wash all the laundry
6) do a video montage of me and Caspian together.

I rolled a five, so that means that you'll get to see me wash the laundry. I'm actually relieved because that means that I don't have to let you guys see the rest of my dirty apartment! ...oh, dang, that means I need quarters, though. (o_o)

7/31/06 12:27 am - zenokarasu - Mission #7

Mission #7 which involves the drinking of beer is up now!


...or will be soon.

7/30/06 10:17 pm - zenokarasu - Welcome!

Welcome to dicemissions! These are the ones that I've done so far:

Mission #1: Design an elaborate paper hat for one of the cats and successfully take a picture of the cat wearing the hat.

Mission #2: Bring a camera to work with me and do a photo journal of my day.

Mission #3: Contrive an elaborate money-draw spell and/or ritual and film myself performing it.

Mission #4: A video tribute to my LJ friends (pending completion).

Mission # 5: Craft a model of the Flying Spaghetti Monster out of real pasta and fake meatballs.

Mission #6: Make a paper wizard (or wizzard?) hat for Caspian and take a picture of him wearing it.

And soon...

Mission #7: Attempt to drink a beer on camera. (I hate beer! ...but I happen to have a couple in my fridge from back when my friends helped me move upstairs.)

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